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About Us

The company was born in the 60s as an individual business, started by Mr. Giuseppe Giannuzzi, based on creating textile products. It was then further developed in Salento, Italy, where craftsmanship and design were the main focus of the local economy up until the 70s.

The economic developments of the 70’s and 80s led the once one man team to grow in size to a small business. Equipped with semi-automatic machines, Mr. Giuseppe Giannuzzi began developing an industrial scaled production focused on military supplies; these products included custom equipment and components. It didn’t take long for Mr. Giuseppe Giannuzzi to expand into the corresponding world of aviation.

In the late 90s Mr Giuseppe Giannuzzi’s children, Francesca and Antonio, became part of the family business and created the Giannuzzi SRL. From this day forward, the business has developed into a family orientated industry.

Thus began a new management and a new introduction to the industry. Finally, the adoption of quality systems were added to our portfolio of products to better meet the needs of the market. The next stepping stone was to provide products and services to a bigger market, hence Giannuzzi Aerospace was born in the United States.

Activities and Products

The company is principally engaged in the interior cabin of civil and military aircraft. More specifically the design, manufacturing and installation of interior and equipment for aircrafts.

New technologies (plastics technology division):

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